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Dear _____ ,

I’ll write to you.


Open Letter to Barbers

by Jerry Wang

Some things in life are just out of my hands. So this is out of yours too.

Dear Duke Student

by Christine Wei

I hear you. I see you. I feel for everyone who’s ever posted or frequented the You’re Not Alone page. I know how Duke culture can break you down and make you question everything.

Dear Younger Me

by Miriam

You bemoan that life is only going to get harder, and, in some ways, you’re right. However, that’s no reason to quit – life is a beautiful mess. If I could, I would wrap my arms around you, and tell you that it’s all going to be ok. 

Dear Future Self

by Anonymous

Dear future self, write a book. One day, those journals you fill with pieces of yourself will beg to be written on nicer paper.

Dear Mom

by Anonymous

I hope you hurt. I hope the things you’ve done keep you up at night.

Dear Susie

by Sophia Parvizi-Wayne

Expertise is power Susie. It makes you right. It makes you credible. It makes us believe you. That’s the problem these days Susie. Everyone's an expert. 

Dear Grandpa

by Rachael Lau

You whooped my ass in scrabble last week. (“you may go to duke but you aren’t that smart.”)

Dear Freshman Me

by Reeya Gupta

Honestly, there is no perfect way to do college.

Dear Big Sister

by Mathilda Christensson

You make up my foundations. I always feel stronger and more self-assured in your presence (which is largely now via FaceTime video).

Dear Past Self

by Priyanka Purohit

Love, Current Self