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My Maple Tree Away From Home

Zuzu TangAnonymousComment
My Maple Tree Away From Home

Leaves are shed once a year,

But you don’t stay gone.

I have left once

I don’t stay gone either


Did you want to keep the things that you abandoned?


The aftertaste makes me linger

In a place where I feel like

You want to stay, but I fear not quite yet

Because the sun has barely risen,

And one should never judge the midday heat by the cool dawn breeze.


I wanted to leave at one point - I picked the locks to many strangers’ houses. They were beautiful, mesmerizing, well-decorated, but some sinks and showers were broken, most ovens I have seen were scorched. But they lived happily. The holiday lights flashed over us. Like with us. I was there once. I was in many places. The cars that zoomed by the nearby highway were unfamiliar to me. The crops they grew outside in their farms smelled different. I can’t fall asleep. I only fall asleep alone now.


It’s not too late. Our wings are

    Frozen, but not frostbitten.

My mom has always taught me

    That when things thaw

It could take hours and liters of water.

    I listen to music about vulnerability,

Being free, staying nostalgic,

    All for good reason.

They tie me to you like old memories

    Piled up in my brain

Like our clothes on your floor,

    Shed like autumn maple leaves.

Photo by Rachael Lau