To be incandescent is to be passionate and fiery.


The Spectrum Series: Edition 2

Your true nature is luminous.

Telling our stories one picture at a time. Take a look at our incandescent moments here.


by Madison Catrett

When I was younger, my fascination with the stars was purely an aesthetic one. I craved beauty. I remember wanting to stand on my tippy-toes and extend my arm into the vacuum of space, so I could pluck a few stars from the sky and stow them in my pocket, where I could privately view their artistry whenever I desired.

Touchdown, Arizona

by Iris Chang

But there are moments when the ball is soaring in a graceful arc through the air, and everything slows: all noise fades into silence, the background blurs into a mesh of fuzzy colors, the smooth, brown leather shines despite the specks of dirt that cling on, the spiral mesmerizes the crowd with its pulsating turn, turn, turn.


by Claudia Choi // in collaboration with Cantos

A particular aroma of burning books is drunk within these walls...

My Maple Tree Away From Home

by Anonymous

Leaves are shed once a year, but you don’t stay gone. I have left once. I don’t stay gone either. Did you want to keep the things that you abandoned?

1:59 AM

by Pooja Kini

I want it to stop, to have his existence wiped from my mind, but there's a part of me that craves him and the pain that comes with doing so.

Laying Here With You

by Anonymous

Laying here with you Drops of Jupiter playing in the background. No. Its my turn to be the little spoon. We laugh, you’re ticklish, I love it.