Our goal is simple: to make the Duke campus happier by reshaping the way people think about themselves, their relationships, and their community.

Our digital publication aims to detoxify people’s minds of the stress and the constricting thoughts we experience day to day. Think vitamins for your mind. Through carefully curated photographs, columns, and articles focused on nourishing the mind, we push people to care for themselves, reflect on their experiences, and understand the world around them. 

Here's a little insight into our process.

Every month we select a theme. We ask our team of writers and photographers to create content that highlight their own interpretations of it. In addition, we reach out on campus for submissions. Each month's publication is uniquely shaped by those who choose to contribute to it. We hope to give everyone the opportunity to write and be heard. 

raw |rô|

ADJECTIVE strong and undisguised

ORIGIN  old english and german, before 1000